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February 10, 2019
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Mastering Mantras

“A mantra is not just something to chant. It is not chanting. A mantra is something to let sink deep in your being, just as roots go deep into the earth. The deeper the roots go into the earth, the higher the tree will go into the sky.” –Osho

Sanskrit is the mother of almost all Indian and European languages, except Tamil which developed independently. All the other Indian languages and almost all the European languages have their origin in Sanskrit. The mother of languages is used for mantra chanting because it brings us back to source. We return to the womb where we can rebirth ourselves through sound.

Mantras were created by the rishis (wise ones, the seekers) as paths to awareness, using the power of particular sounds to create precise energy responses.

In Sanskrit, ‘man’ means mind and ‘tra’ means ‘to free from’, so ‘mantra’ is literally a tool to free the mind. In surrendering the mind, it opens space to create. Sound is an act of creating. As sound touches the air around us, it takes shape. The form depends on the intention. Therefore, when chanting mantras, the purpose with which we engage in the act matters more than we might realize.

The yoga of sound, Nada Yoga, is based upon this principle. Mastering sound means we can master what form is attached to that sound. Mantras are not just lovely sounds, they are a way to manifest our desires and multiply desire with the world around us. Beware that chanting without proper intention can potentially damage the soul, therefore use mantras with caution. Mantras are powerful. Use them wisely and understand that they will ignite particular parts of the body and brain in order to create. Mantras are an ancient sound science ready for use, but full of awareness. Energetic sound formulas for transmutation.

Making Mudras

Mudra means seal or stamp, it’s a form of currency, like printed material. The most common definition is gesture. The reason mudras are practiced is to maintain body postures to gain psychic powers. If you’re interested in adding mudras to your life, consider that there are three levels of mudras. Hasta (hand) mudra for beginners. Manasika (mental) mudra for intermediate which involves the face. Kayaka (whole body) mudra for advanced.

The way the mudra system has been created makes cultivating long-term knowledge simple, if done correctly. Ancient mudra wisdom proves how our bodies and energies have been aligned since the beginning of time. Mudra practice highlights the universe’s ability to imprint our own bodies with healing power.

The index finger represents air. It moves in all directions and pushes earth and water, i.e. through the joints and mind.

The middle finger represents space. It’s the lightest element, it allows others to move easily and pervades all others.

The ring finger represents earth. It’s the heaviest element, it brings stability, laziness, and darkness.

The pink finger represents water. The second heaviest element, it moves downward and sometimes upward. It drives sensual pleasure.

Before mudras themselves can be discussed, it’s imperative to study the five fingers on the hand. Through each finger’s significance, the mudras themselves will become easier to comprehend and memorize.

Thumb is the source of fire. This is why in most mudras, the thumb is engaged for activation purposes. The thumb as fire purifies others elements. It has the ability to move through other elements with a benevolent mission. According to yogic science, the body is comprised of

Pancha Tattvas (five elements) and each finger represents an element.

Seek out a guru to teach the following mudras.

Thumb and index mudras blend fire and air.

·         Jnana builds knowledge.

·         Chin focuses on consciousness.

·         Vaju controls air and can help with sudden pain, arthritis, or gastric issues.

Thumb and middle mudras incorporate fire and space elements.

·         Akasha helps with the ears and is a mudra for giving.

·         Shunya works on the vocal cords. For those who wish to create, this mudra is ideal. For those who snore or suffer from nightmare, this mudra can bring relief.

Thumb and ring mudras combine fire and earth.

·         Prithivi increases stability. Beware, it can make one sleepy, lazy, or even increase body weight.

·         Agni brings fire and is excellent for digestion. It kills germs and bacteria and reduces weight.

Thumb and pink mudra work on fire and water elements.

·         Varuna lets water energies flow freely throughout the body.