Media & Downloads

Blessed Selves, it is our pleasure to have you come and stay with us at SWAN Yoga Retreat Goa. We know that you all loved the meditation, yoga nidra and the chanting of mantras in the temple. We have created this page for you all to download the various chants the meditation and the yoga nidra. Also there is PDF file for the chanting booklet for download. Please use it to keep up your practice. Please share it with your family and friends. As we believe sharing is caring.

Please note that the media files are big, and it better to use your laptop or desktop device to download them.

1Yoga Nidra - 735 MBDownload
2Yoga Nidra Edited - 83 MBDownload
3Shanti Path (beginning) - 2.7 MBDownload
4Shanti Path (Ending) - 6.4 MBDownload
5Guru Strotam - 4 MBDownload
632 Names Durga - 3MBDownload
7Gayatri Mantra 108 - 546 MBDownload
8Morning Meditation - 1GBDownload
14Hanuman Chalisa - 15 MB Download