The daily menus of wonderfully nourishing food

At SWAN Yoga Retreat we regard food as medicine. Using only fresh seasonal herbs and vegetables from regional farmers or our own garden-we provide a daily menu of wonderfully nourishing vegetarian food. Food that not only supports the healing of the body but also enhances the purification process during your stay. In addition to serving healthy, soulful, delicious vegetarian meals, we also provide unlimited filtered mineral water from our private well, naturally chilled and served from traditional earthen water basins. We also provide an unlimited supply of detoxifying herbal tea made from home grown herbs like tulsi basil, lemon grass and ginger. This wonderfully refreshing tea, available throughout the day, is a great detox drink for the body, keeps one well hydrated and is designed to support the digestive process.

Our Chef, Mukesh, is an informally trained culinary magician who has the rare ability to express his inner love for taste, aroma, and spices into outstanding creations. He there by not only cooks various traditional Indian dishes, but he also prepares, with distinctive taste, a combinations of International and Indian cuisine. For Mukesh, it’s not only about eating, but rather being devoted to experimentation and cooking differently day by day. Committed to the idea of turning every day meals into inspirational food, every meal is prepared with great thought and care ensuring our guests have a memorable culinary experience. Served buffet style, and everyone is encouraged to eat until their bellies and hearts are full!

Chapati foods at swan

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"Source of Good physical, mental and spiritual well being"

Eating Healthy and eating sattvic food is a must for maintaining a good physical, mental and spiritual well being. The food served at SWAN will give you a glimpse into the world of amazingly delicious ayurveda based vegetarian cooking.

“ Brahmarpanam Brahma Havir Brahmagnau Brahmana Hutam
Brahmaiva Tena Ghantavyam Brahmakarma Samadhina ”

(Translation/Meaning : The act of offering is Brahman. The offering itself is Brahman. The offering is done by Brahman in the sacred fire which is Brahman. He alone attains Brahman who, in all actions, is fully absorbed in Brahman.)

Chapati foods at swan
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