Yoga Teachers at SWAN

Meet our dedicated team of yoga teachers here at SWAN Yoga and Meditation Retreat. We not only teach yoga asana and pranayama, we hope to inspire you, expand your horizons, and stimulate thought. Come, experience what it means to ‘Live Yoga’ with us at SWAN Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa, India.

Gyanmitra Saraswati

Gyanmitra Saraswati is the Co-founder of the social enterprise SWAN Foundation for Ayurveda and Yoga Research, based in Goa, India. Through this he is engaged in various activities to promote the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and Yoga to the community, by conducting need- based programs to help the people who need it the most in the local community.

He is also the Co-founder of SWAN Yoga Retreat, where he is responsible for managing and teaching the courses conducted during the season, from October to May. For the rest of the year, Gyanmitra is living on the island of Mallorca, where he is sharing his knowledge and experiences with people by conducting various seminars and courses of Yoga, Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Nidra.


Dayamurti, the guiding force behind the asana and pranayama of Classical Hatha Yoga taught here at SWAN Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Goa, India. A disciple of Swami Niranajanananda Saraswati of the Bihar School of Yoga, in Munger, India. Daya holds a Master’s Degree in Yoga, MSc. (yoga education) from SVYASA University, in Bangalore, India. In addition, she has completed various other yoga courses from reputable organizations and yoga ashrams. Yoga courses of particular importance include: MSc. (Yoga Education) BSc (Yoga Philosophy & Sciences) from SVYASA, in Bangalore, India.

Yoga instructor course from SVYASA, in Bangalore, an advanced yoga teacher training course at Sivanada Ashram, in Neyyardam, Kerala. In addition, Daya has completed four-month yoga certificate course from BYB, in Munger, India and a yoga teacher training course, in Rikhia, Jharkhand. Very dedicated in her teaching and to the simplicity of spiritual living, Daya’s here at SWAN Yoga Retreat is very much enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.
*She is currently not here with us for her personal reasons.


Shivendra Ojha, with over twenty years of yogic experience, is the Co-founder of “SWAN Foundation for Ayurveda and Yoga Research”. The non-profit foundation works towards creating yogic life-style among the citizens and also assists the under-privilege and destitute women and children. He takes care of meeting with various government and non government offices, planning exclusive programs and executing them. Two of his most successful and ongoing campaigns are “Swastha Goa - Sakaratmak Goa” (Healthy Goa - Positive Goa) and girl-child education for the under privileged.

At SWAN Yoga Retreat, Goa India, an outset of SWAN Foundation, Shivendra shares his knowledge and experience with the guests. His main teaching topics are Yoga (history, tradition, styles), Sad Darshana (Six schools of philosophies), Bhagavad Gita (Four paths of Yoga), upanishadic philosophies and Happiness Analysis. He also has keen interest in "Sanatan Dharma" and Tantra.

Shivendra Ojha holds MSc. and BSc. degree in Yoga.

At current pandemic times, he is available to teach personal or group online sessions.

Available for 2021-2022 Season


Sindhu has been practicing Yoga dedicatedly for the last five years and has been teaching for three years now. Introduced to this divine journey since her childhood, she was always curious about finding answers to the big questions of life. After she quit her nine-to-five engineering job, her life changed entirely in what now seems to be the most obvious ways that led her towards the path of yoga. Having done her 200 hr TTC from Swan Yoga, Goa, Sindhu has completed her M.Sc. in Yoga therapy from S-VYASA yoga university, Bangalore. Her life's goal is to reach the pinnacles of Yogic practice and gain as much knowledge as possible so that she may pass it on to those who seek.

Sindhu has had the opportunity to have learned under some of the most eminent teachers from across the country. Picking up techniques, forms and teachings from various schools of thought, she has a strong hold over identifying the right ways of practicing this way of life that is yoga. Sindhu's ability lies in her teaching methodology, loving care towards her students and passion in passing on the right knowledge. Being well versed in understanding each body type, she is often admired by her students for her clarity and empathetic teaching style.