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Pandit Tung Nath Dwivedi

Born in a family of renowned scholars of Vedas, Tantra, Astrology and Ayurveda of Kashi Parampara, Pandit Tung Nath Dwivedi Post Graduated in Behavioural Sciences with specialisation in organisational behaviour and psychometrics. He has been a Ph.D. scholar in Industrial Management in Indian School of Mines (ISM) before joining the prestigious Indian Civil Services. He has served in key bureaucratic positions in Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of Labour; Employment, Ministry of Science; Technology and Ministry of Civil Aviation. He has participated and presided in numerous seminars related to physical, psychological, spiritual and holistic development of humankind.

His astrological pursuits are characterised by unique combination of traditional Vedic Cosmology; their ratification through modern scientific methods. At present he is working on the projects “Statistical Validation of Astrological Postulates” and “Psychodynamics of Medical Astrology”. His predictive validity in Astrology has been estimated at 92.5% by many Statisticians.

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