KarmaYoga Exchange Program

Live with us. Work with us. Study with us.

Spiritual aspirants interested in a more immersive study and long term practices of the “yogic lifestyle” are invited to participate in our Karma Yoga live/work program. Based on the principles of Karma Yoga, meditation through work, participants are given daily chores and duties in exchange for room, board, and access to classes and workshops. As members of the SWAN family, volunteers will function as retreat staff and are required to give a 3 month minimum commitment of their time.

However, we may require, time-to-time, guests with special ability in certain area and you are requested to approach us through email to check the availability. For short term Karma Yogis, we offer attractive discount on their stay and they could join most of the yoga sessions and use the free time to help and support us with their professional or acquired skills that is in line with our requirements.

We may require the below for the forthcoming season (October - May)

Retreat Manager: Criteria

  • Bilingual (English & Hindi), knowledge of additional foreign language would be an added asset.
  • Committed to work full time and at times at odd hours.
  • Pleasant and Friendly personality.
  • Its not an easy, rather a tough job so people with patience and ability to maintain calm in different/difficult situations are preferred.
  • Minimum 3 months (without break) commitment required
  • You would have one day as weekly holiday.
  • You would have access to all the yoga-sessions (if no urgent work at that time) all meals as per the retreat timing and one consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor.

Person with proven record in Photography / Videography : Criteria

Duration : 3-4 week
From November 2017, We would require people with speciality in still photography and / or Videography. You are requested to contact with your CV .
  • During 1st week of your stay, you would have the opportunity (& mandatory too) to participate in all the yogic programs as other participants of SWAN. No work during this week.
  • Next two week, you would be covering (Photo/Video) all the yoga program at SWAN besides as suggested by management at SWAN.
  • Daily 90 minutes of additional work would be assigned to help at the reception or wherever required by SWAN.

International Travel Blogger: Criteria

International Travel Blogger (Yoga travel blogger preferred)
Duration: 1 or 2 week.
We also invite International writer/blogger with proven record during this period. Kindly contact with your CV.
Important: Please understand that “Karma-Yoga Exchange program” is not an easy exchange program. You may require to do chores that you might not be used to or at hours might not be generally appreciated by you. So, kindly be 100% sure before you apply for this kind of exchange program. However, on the positive side, you get to live a yogic life-style. A life-style that may enable you to live healthy, peacefully and spiritually.