Eco-Friendly SWAN Cottages

From the moment you enter our Yogic Village, you will be transformed by the vibrancy of not only the lush plant life, all of which is indigenous to Indian jungles, but also the vibration of Yogic Sadhana and Yogic Rituals preformed weekly. Here at SWAN we provide our residents with the purity of nature, and facilitate purification of the self through a vegetarian, ayurvedic diet and daily yoga practices. We have two yoga shalas, both spacious, open air facilities wrapped tightly in mosquito netting, creating the perfect outdoor environment to commune with nature during your spiritual practices.


Experience the Yoga Ashram Lifestyle of Living !

Our eco friendly, village-like accommodation is an oasis designed to help transform the weary urban dweller into a revitalized force of nature. It’s simple but modern, with necessary conveniences like Free WiFi available throughout the campus – but not to the point to where the human mind becomes separated from Mother Nature. We have taken great care to make sure that the accommodation is not sterile, as you would find in most places made with concrete and paint. Living in a place like that would be counterproductive to trying to reset the soul. We want you to identify with nature, and keep your mind focused on your purpose. For this reason, SWAN Yoga Retreat is landscaped in six tiers: each echoing a different stage of enlightenment from the gross to the subtle. Our cottages are made of natural, locally sourced, eco-friendly materials, and named the after the seven chakras and different Hindu deities. We have three different types of accomodation, to suit different needs and budgets. We also have our own temple, where we perform different rituals including the Saturday and Sunday evening sacred fire ritual. In between classes you can relax at our “Fake Beach” while you have a juice in our “Real Juice Bar”, and choose between hundreds of books on yoga, ayurveda and other subjects in our library.


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