Yoga Teacher Training Course in Goa

SWAN Yoga Retreat is a place deeply rooted in the tradition where the approach is genuine with practically proven ancient methods to learn the art of yoga. The 200 hour yoga teacher training program is designed to imbibe the participants in the quality learning of the science of yoga. Our training program is meant to give learning opportunity to the students to gain in-depth knowledge of yoga as the ultimate science.

The seekers who want to learn the essence of yoga, from its very basic to its spiritual aim, will find the yoga teacher training program, as a stepping stone to their spiritual journey. Our yoga TTC retreat offers an in-depth learning opportunity by providing the participants with the community learning facility. Here, they will explore a new world of opportunities, wherein, they can find themselves in the perfect ashram like environment which is the most important for the learning of the spiritual sciences.

The teacher training program is registered with Yoga Alliance, USA. Successful Students who will be certified from our school will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher).

Upon completion of the teacher training you will be given a certificate of attendance followed by post course assignments. After a full assessment we then send out the qualifying certificate as endorsed by the Yoga Alliance.

Available Dates:  


November 09 - December 07  


January 11 - February 08  
March 07 - April 04  
November 07 - December 05  

Our Location

SWAN Yoga Retreat with it's lush tropical surrounding is the best location to go through the yoga TTC retreat. It offers the divine environment and energy to practice and experience yoga. The beautiful Goan forest, the tall coconut, teak trees, calm and friendly and at the same time passionate nature of the people inside the retreat makes the ambiance perfect to learn yoga. Whether you can meditate and contemplate under the shadow of the or you can try out different postures in our yogashalas ; this TTC has a lot to offer you.

This yoga teacher training program is suitable for those who want to experience yoga practices and methodologies to guide others. A yoga teacher, will find this course, as a tool to expand their own learnings and deepening their knowledge so they can become guiding lights to other fellow travellers in the journey of returning to the source.

What will you get after the course?

During the yoga teacher training in SWAN Yoga Retreat, participants will be provided with an environment that nurtures focus, inspiration, excellence and divinity and foremost practicality of yogic lifestyle. After the course, you will discover the version of your own self which you probably never knew. Our teacher training course program in SWAN Yoga Retreat, offers you with the insightful approach to practice yoga and apply its benefits into the well-being of your own and others too.

What are the additional benefits?

Throughout the yoga teacher training program at SWAN Yoga Retreat, participants will be guided by the experienced yoga teachers with the traditional and scientific learning and practices of yoga. In addition to the above mentioned course program and topics, they will be provided with a daily class schedule plan followed with a diet chart that let them acquire the right nutritive diet as per their body type. Alongside, they will be given the knowledge of Ayurveda and a healthy consultation with An Ayurveda doctor is provided to make the introduction effective.

What are the perquisites required?

To be a part of the yoga TTC retreat, you have to spark up an intense desire to enter into the view of yoga. You should have a determined heart to learn and practice yoga. A curious mind and open heart are necessary to make the course successful. Unless and until you are dedicated enough to give your 100% to the training program propounded by the tradition, you find it hard to make it successful. Thus, bring out that curious and dedicated learner in you and follow the guidelines with patience.
Your Daily Routine 
5:30 am
Good Morning
6:00 am - 6.45 am
Meditation, Dharana, Pratayahar
6:50 am - 7:20 am
7:30 am - 9:30 am
10:00 am - 11:00 am
11:30 am - 12:30 pmMantra, Japa, Kirtan, Karma Yoga, Mantra Writing
2:00 pm - 3:30 pmPhilosophy, Lecture, Study, Teaching Methods
4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Asana and Pranayama
6:00 pm - 7:00 pmDinner
7:30 pm - 9:00 pmMeditation, Lecture, Mantra, Kirtan, Group Activity, Study
9:30 pmGood Night
* Friday is weekly off day.
* Timing is subject to change*

What are included in the course?

The Below and more topics are covered during the teacher training program. Our professional and experienced yoga teachers will provide the quality training to the participants and let them on the essential methods which they will use as a successful teacher and to find out more about the life.
lotus asana
Asanas and it's science
lotus asana
Pranayam and Prana Techniques
lotus asana
Pratyahar and Internalisation
lotus asana
Relaxation and Breathings
lotus asana
Hath-Yoga and Art Purification
lotus asana
Meditation and Concentrations
lotus asana
Mantras and Practices
lotus asana
Yoga Philosophies , Phenomenas and Science
lotus asana
Tantra - Philosophy, Practices and Culture
lotus asana
Sun Salutation and other Sequences from the Tantras
lotus asana
Understanding of Body And Nervous System
lotus asana
The path of the Scriptures

Course Fee

(Price valid for November 09 - December 07 2019 only)

Budget Cottage (Row Rooms with Private Bathroom)

INR 124,000 pp / double sharing basis INR 196,000 pp / single occupancy.

Standard Cottage (Private Cottage with private Bathroom & sit-out area)

INR 144,000 pp / double sharing basis INR 224,000 pp / single occupancy.

Deluxe Cottage (Best View Cottage with private Bathroom & sit-out area)

INR 164,000 pp / double sharing basis INR 254,000 pp / single occupancy

What are exempted from the cost of the course?

An affordable price range is defined for the complete yoga teacher training program. Participants are advised to make booking early to avoid the fulfillment of the seats. The price of the course program does not include:

Airport transfers

Ayurvedic treatments and medicine

Any purchase made from the juice bar and SWAN boutique

Laundry expenses

The SWAN Yoga Retreat offers the best and quality teacher training program which not only enrich the learning experience of the learner but also makes him capable to enrich life of others too. The course followed by the trained instructors will definitely let the participants gain the edge over all types and kinds of yoga teachers and modern learners and practitioners of yoga. After the course, a person becomes a proficient yoga teacher and life long student of the creation, a being who can guide others who want to gain knowledge about yoga and its benefits.

Join the 200 hour yoga teacher training in SWAN Yoga Retreat and take a deep dive into the spiritual journey and experience the sacred knowledge under the supervision of yoga experts.

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