Yoga Shala

If you are a yoga teacher or a yoga studio owner and are thinking of renting a yoga retreat in Goa to organise your retreat in this tropical paradise, then you have just reached the right place. Here at Swan, sharing is a principal of life. We love to share our place with yoga teachers to organize their own yoga retreats, or any other retreat of spiritual based techniques. The yoga retreat center can be rented / hired by any teacher of any tradition to conduct their own retreats no matter the subject matter and any course structure. The place has been made and is run by Gyanmitra. Trained at the Bihar School of Yoga, his guidance and eye for detail ensures a conducive and supportive environment ideally suited for any kind of Yogic or Spiritual retreat.

The Retreat Centre is open from October to May for visitors and retreat participants. If you are a yoga teacher/yoga studio owner you can get in touch with us for rental prices for the space.

Our Facilities Include:

  • Eco-friendly Cottages made with natural, locally sourced material.
  • Total capacity 30 persons.
  • The cottages are of three Grades: Budget/Standard/Deluxe/Tipi Tents
  • Solar heated hot water supplied to each cottage, every cottage has bathrooms.
  • Two yoga shalas are available to conduct the practices of Asana and classes.
  • One can accommodate about 35 people the other about 12 people.
  • Our water source is pure and clean. Supplied by the our own well and properly filtered for drinking
  • Ayurveda treatments are available through our fully equipped Ayurveda Spa located on the premises.

Well equipped dining hall is ready to cater to most kind of food requirement. We usually serve a mixture of Ayurveda based food inspired from various regions of India. However if your retreat requires a special diet regiment for your students, we are willing to accommodate your needs as long as you provide the recipes for Macrobiotic, Raw, and Gluten free diets