Service of Yoga and Humanity

SWAN Yoga Retreat,Goa, is a resolve, a dream being lived in the service of Yoga and humanity. We are a team of yoga practitioners trained at the traditional Yoga Ashrams of India, who have dedicated our lives to the service of yoga, by means of providing the best possible service to our guests and students who come to stay with us in this tropical paradise located in the lush tropical valleys of Assagao, just outside of the township of Mapusa in North Goa. Sitting on the hills of a beautiful Indian jungle, immersed in nature, our retreat center utilises the healing power of Mother Nature to help our guest enhance their yoga practice, and strengthen their connection to the higher consciousness. Daily morning meditation classes, mantra chanting, yogic kriyas (yoga detox) and sacred fire rituals, are some of the things which set us apart from the other yoga retreats around Goa.

Meet our yoga Teachers

At SWAN Yoga Retreat, you will not only learn Yoga, but also the Indian way of life, a real understanding of the yoga philosophy which does not start and finish at the Yoga mat. We welcome all kinds of Yoga practitioners in our place: be it yoga beginners, intermediate level yoga students, or the ones who have been practicing yoga for almost their whole life. We all have to learn from and teach each other; this is how we understand yoga at SWAN. This learning and teaching is not restricted to the yoga shala or the yoga lectures, but it is spread throughout the day, inspired from the age old institution of the Ashram.

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swan yoga staff
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We run this retreat center on the principles provided by the tradition. In that the teaching is done in Gurukula Style- meaning the students/participants/seekers come and live with the teacher and become part of the family, and learning just happens on its own.

Our yoga school is a place devoted to sacred practice; a place where you can go to learn authentic yoga and meditation practices, in a safe and inspiring setting. Come experience ashram lifestyle in the comfortable, clean and natural setting of SWAN Yoga Retreat, Goa. A one of its kind yoga ashram in India.

About SWAN Foundation

India or Bharat, the land of Vedas, since time immemorial is the land of seekers and of spiritual awakening.

India which in her glorious past used to be called as the “Golden Bird” but presently faces many challenges mostly in the filed of health, education and women empowerment. Almost one third of Indiaś massive 1.3 billion people do not get proper health care, one fourth of population are not literate and almost three fourth of women population are not financially independent.

SWAN Foundation (for Ayurveda and Yoga research) is working within its own humble means and capacity, in these areas of concern, to help alleviate the sufferings of the under-privileged citizens of this nation. Ayurveda and Yoga are two essential pillars of Vedic Wisdom to lead a healthy, peaceful & harmonious life. These are wonderful spiritual gifts from India to the humanity and the entire world is still getting benefitted from it. The literal meaning of Ayurveda is “The Knowledge or Science of Life” and Yoga stands for union (to be complete, total or perfect).

Our Vision

The vision of SWAN Foundation is based on “Sarve Bhavantu Suklhinah”; May all beings live in complete harmony and peace.

Our Mission

The mission of SWAN Foundation is to create an awareness about yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle by running workshops, trainings, therapies, counselling, teaching etc.

SWAN Foundation in collaboration with “Vidya Mohan Foundation” runs and support a school for underprivileged girl children. We also run literacy program for underprivileged women and hosts skill development program for the destitute women to alleviate their poverty and stress and make them financially independent. SWAN Foundation sincerely believes that an educated and skilled women is the backbone of a developed society/state/nation.

SWAN Foundation in the past has conducted several yoga workshops to train the prisoners, police personnel, old age home people and many other organisational workforce. This is an ongoing program as well. SWAN Foundation sincerely believes in these projects and we call it “Yoga of the Heart” which is the need of the hour.

SWAN most humbly and cordially welcomes like minded yogis, friends and family to join our cause and do support our mission in whatever way is convenient and feasible for you. Your support will bring smiles to many underprivileged generation of our time.

SWAN Yoga Retreat, an outset of SWAN Foundation is engaged in providing authentic, traditional, scientific, therapeutic, practical and spiritual wisdom of yoga and ayurveda. The part of the profits earned through running these courses, trainings and retreats goes directly for the welfare schemes of SWAN Foundation.

If you would like or wish to donate, please do contact us.

Your donation makes a difference.

But How ?

  • SWAN funds projects that educate and protect children.
  • SWAN channels funds to programs that empower women through providing training and resources that enable self sufficiency.
  • SWAN focusses on improving health, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual through Yoga and Ayurveda.

To get updates or to know more about our projects in collaboration with Vidya Mohan Foundation, please follow the links as mentioned below: