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August 23, 2015

Chin Mudra

Mudras are energy seals. Prana that would leave the body through the terminal nadis at the finger tips, when touched together create a energy circuit and the prana flows back into the body. Chin Mudra (psychic gesture of consciousness) – This mudra is used in either seated meditation or pranayama such as ujjayi , it is also one of the most commonly used hand gesture in meditation. The hands rest on knees or thighs facing down. This Gesture has a grounding effect on the mind.The middle finger, ring, and little finger represent the three classic qualities of all of nature (the Three Gunas). The middle finger symbolizes sattva, (purity, wisdom and true understanding) the ring finger rajas, (action, passion and movement) and the little finger tamas, (inertia, lethargy and darkness). The circle created by the finger and thumb touching represents the merging of the individual consciousness with universal consciousness. In the classical texts of yoga it is mentioned the yogi is must transcend these states, progressing from darkness into light and from ignorance to wisdom.



chin mudra and hridaya mudra

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Article By Gyanmitra Saraswati