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August 22, 2015
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August 24, 2015
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The Power of Giving

Giving is very powerful. Give whatever you can, but you have to give: this a universal law, and whenever you break it, it has consequences generally not considered good. It affects the natural evolution process. Look at nature: it is always giving, giving, giving. It never sends you bills for its oxygen supply, for its sunshine, or for the water you waste.

But you put a stop to this chain, you break the rules, you break the universal law. And you have to face the consequences. Just see what is happening in the world. There is suffering everywhere. Have you ever stopped to think: Why? It’s because we are breaking this law, the rule of giving. We are breaking the universal chain.

The chain is working perfectly everywhere, but why does it stop when it comes to us? We receive from everywhere, but we are not used to passing it on. And there lies the seed to all human problems. This law of giving, its chain, which is a loop that begins with God and ends with God, is very strong. And we are the weak link. We are the weakest link, but also the most important link.

It is said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link: so here we are, at the centre of a chain that starts with God and ends with God, and we are not able to understand that we are the centre from where God and the universe gets its energy.

God loves us, and needs us. That’s why Paramahamsa Satyananda said: “Give evolution a chance”. Don’t break the chain. Involve yourself in the process of evolution smoothly. In God’s play, execute your part as perfectly as you can, because you play an important part in creation.

In the Leela of this cosmos you just have to be more open, more receptive, more sublime, more aligned with nature and the superior consciousness. This way you will reach your higher self. Know that you are like a radio, and you have to tune yourself to the higher frequencies. Know that you are a higher being in this planets creation, superior to a cat or a dog. Know this, and behave accordingly.


Article by Omtirth

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