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The Power of Giving
August 23, 2015
Annapurna Devi,
Annapurna Devi
August 25, 2015


Yoga and Life !

Well, my enlighten friends, yoga to me is either quite simple yet most elaborate to satisfy or answer our never-ending quest for the knowledge of health, happiness and existence itself. Yoga is complete wisdom with practical tools to deal with day-to-day life situations and to live in absolute harmony with oneself, others & mother nature.

What is required?:

A bit of Asana,

A bit of Pranayama,

A bit of Proper Diet,

A bit of Relaxation,

A bit of Meditation

A bit of Satsang


a bit of internal cleansing/detox or yogic-kriyas (Shat Karmas) time to time…

& lots and lots of love (towards self and all others), bhakti (towards the current task/work we are assigned or suppose to do) and positive-thinking is all required to achieve the state of “yoga”; complete peace. Mind it, we do not need to spend money to love, have devotion and to have positive thinking, it’s free and most useful tool to have a peaceful life.

sunsetatswanWe must keep doing what we do but with awareness and that would make it yogic. If you are a learner/student, do justice to your talent and the subject matter. If you are working, work dedicatedly to profit not only to your company but to the people and organisation it relates to. If you love someone, love with complete trust, honesty & understanding. If someone has done some good to us, we should never forget this and be obliged for the kindness shown by that person and be always ready to support and help her……. that is doing same things with awareness and that is yoga. We must never lie to ourselves since we are the closest person to us who know our weakness as well as strength. We must have realistic practical goals based on our strength and priority & once the goal is set, we should follow the path to achieve it with great sincerity,  dedication & devotion.

One important aspect is Satsang (Spiritual Company) or the people we associate to or friends with. Interacting with yogic people with proper knowledge and positive attitude can create miracles in our lives. We must strive to have such people around us and we must visit such conducive places of Yoga to acquire the right knowledge and meet like-minded people who wish to live healthy, happy & peacefully. Take a vacation, visit Yoga Places, spend a week or two (even more if time permits), learnlaughlive.

The Important aspect of Yoga-life is Karma Yoga. Well, Karma Yoga is defined by many Yoga Texts, Schools and Gurus as Selfless-Service which might be a little difficult for an average working person to comprehend and to use it in their lives but let’s try to simplyfy it … If we are a learner/student, have a disciplined life, try to follow a routine, stick to it and don’t cheat. If we are working, work with dedication, do not take/offer bribe, complete our work on assigned/estimated time whenever possible, think of others who are going to get benefit because of our sincere and timely efforts .. This is Karma-Yoga in practical life my dear friends.

In practical words, yoga-life is to live everyday and to live in the moment. Do not think about the past (that we can not change) and think or worry about the future (that again is not in our hand). Let’s do our present work with complete honesty and sincerity with a positive thought in our mind, smile on our face and sense of feel-good in our heart, everything else will automatically be taken care of ..

i sincerely wish that we all get healthy, wise, happy at at peace with lots of humour, joy and yoga in our lives.


Article by Shivendra.

Copyright 2015 – SWAN Yoga Retreat, Assagoa, Goa, India.