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May 20, 2016
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August 1, 2016

Something Wrong With the World Today ;)

Something wrong with the World today 😉

In Yoga Tradition there are four levels of existence. The lowest is the level of the Manas the mind

and the physical body is categorized under the mind. Body is the gross form of mind. The thought which people generally have is , that the body is finite system as the medical science tried to tell us all the time, this in a way is completely illusory. Body is as infinite as the mind. Body has so many layers inside it ,and it is connected with many energy centers inside as well as outside it.

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So dealing with the body and considering it just the body one can touch, see and feel , is the probably one the greatest ignorance of our modern times in which we live in. And same thing is happening in the so called yoga communities who are trying to perfect the yoga through torturing the body and sweating in high temperatures and then imposing their own ideas on the original tradition and calling it their tradition and copyrighting something which is rather an universal knowhow designed to help one and all .

The extreme happens when after years of following their so called tradition, which is completely absorbed in the body and that also very superficial, these people find themselves with many permanent injuries, while limping all the time themselves  they even force others to do the same, and then being proud about this barbaric culture they named after the sacred tradition of yoga.

The saints and sages proclaimed that “Body is tool and through this body do the righteous things to attain the dharma”. They never meant waste your time and energy absorbed in the tool instead of using it rightly. Problem actually grew up when some man coming from himalayas after failing to become a monk and told by the saint with whom he was living with that he should go and live in the world and follow dharma took the some postures to train the armies to make them strong and then surviving on the money made by the job. These army training exercises to make the body strong completely transformed into a practice and named it after yoga. The yoga styles which is coming from lost scriptures which actually doesn’t exist is also very interesting and beautiful phenomena because indian spiritual tradition is so strong that no knowledge can be lost whatsoever so if the text is lost and the scripture was so important then you will definitely can find the mention of that in other existing scriptures and you can definitely find the source to some real saint in some other time who was teaching that and definitely some monks who are still preserving it.

Fooling people in the name of holy and sacred thing is not new and its happening since time immemorial like Ravana fooled Mother Sita by his Sadhu looks and words. But still fooling masses is new phenomena and it can be completely honoured by the people of our times. But as told to us by our wise men of the folklore that in reality man loves pain and suffering in garb of pleasure happiness love compassion and so on. People project their ideas on these higher divine qualities. And same happening with the art of yoga.

The another interesting fact we must consider that dropout rate in the spiritual path is very very high. About 95% people who start the journey caught up with their own ideas whims of mind and body and they leave the original teachings because following the original and right is very tough and it takes them away from the pleasures their body and mind is accustomed to. Another thing when you start the spiritual practices the energy rises up and that creates a lot of problem. Handling the energy needs absolute and total trust and faith in God and Guru and firm resolve for the path and yes a lot of patience which people never prepared for. They then loose this energy in bodily pleasures and think thats the way to release it then the whole philosophy which was taking them into light they convert it to suit their fluctuation and flirtations of mind and then they also give their own philosophy decorating it with sentiments and attractive words.

And thats not happening just now it was happening before also but you should remember before they were not selling these things. Sometimes I think the first thing to be taught to the people on the path of this yoga business is the law of karma. Because it is the base of whole idea of spirituality in which yoga is small part and if you leave the absolute concept of karma then there will be no yoga at all. So when people who wants to do stupid things in the name of yoga without understanding the gravity of their own karmas involved in the business of the sacred they should start thinking about it right now because they are making it difficult for the next generation also. Next generation will bear the stupid karmas of our insane times when we tried real hard to torment and destroy the pure and holy art of life called Yoga, into just an another art of commerce.

Article by Om Tirth
Copyright – 2016
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