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September 20, 2015
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October 29, 2015

Which Yoga is good for me ?

Article guide-lining how to know which style of yoga is best suited for you

Winter is coming and this is again the festival time of the year !India is a country of festivals, we all know this by now and we just need small reasons to celebrate them with full fervour. Be it Durga Puja, Diwali or Christmas or any other festival, we are full of energy and enthusiasm and celebrate all of them as if there is no tomorrow !
Traveling to different destinations to enjoy holidays is a norm worldwide but there is a greater shift towards health, fitness and spiritual holidays. Yoga has emerged as one of the most important holiday theme and people have benefitted by and large by spending time at any one of the yoga retreat centres across the globe.

However, there is no denying that Yoga and India are synonymous and to get the best of Yoga one must visit the mother of this ancient scientific wisdom.
There are some hot spots for Yoga and Rishikesh and Goa score a little over others because Rishikesh being the yoga capital and Goa for its authentic beauty, greenery, beaches and laid-back (relaxed) attitude of locals. Options are good but it may lead to some unnecessary head-aches as well since its not easy to find
“which yoga is best for me”?
Yoga Beyond Asanas' Experience The Ashram Life.

If you wish to spend time at any yoga retreat centres of india or any yoga retreat centres of goa you should try to get your priorities right ! list your expectations from the yoga school or yoga ashram. Do you wish to indulge just in

asana part (physical aspect of yoga) to be body-beautiful? or interested in a yoga place that offers yoga in totality and by spending time at any yoga and meditation centre you may learn much more than that. you may learn and do Meditation, Pranayama, Yogic Kriya, Bhajan & Kirtan in a serene and spiritual environment with like-minded people who aspire to live a life full of health & peace.
So, choose wisely, spend some time in trying to understand what yoga can do to us. How yoga can help us in a big way to deal with real-life situations and problems. Yoga is not religious but a very practical approach towards life. We all are having one issue or another that bothers us in life, be it health issue or relationship issue or issues in professional/social front, we at times feel clueless and do not seem to have or find any meaningful solution to it; yoga my dear friends, could be a real wise friend.

Yoga is and always was to be understood, learnt, practiced and spread among the seekers with the right attitude, intention, truth and honest dedication.

The aim of yoga is to live healthy, peacefully and purposefully. Yoga is to live in harmony with the self, with others and with the nature around us and if we are achieving these or even understand this path by being with any Yoga Guru, Yoga Teacher, Yoga School, Yoga Ashram or thought, we are in the right direction. We as an individual would know that “which yoga is best for me”.

Arise, Awake and Live Happy 🙂

Article by Shivendra Kumar

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