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September 2, 2015
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October 13, 2015
Christmas celebration at swan yoga retreat

Christmas celebration at swan yoga retreat

Christmas and New Year’s in Goa

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Christmas and New Year Yoga Retreats in Goa, India

In India, when you think of Christmas or New Year’s celebrations, you think of Goa. In fact the popularity of this whole thing has grown so much that it has become a bit cliched now to come for celebrating Christmas or New Year’s in Goa. A lot of credit goes to the movies that have been made by the film industry, which portrayed Goa in a certain way, as well as the media which also presented Goa as a party destination. So people from all over India, and even the different countries of the world, think and picture Goa as a destination for party and fun; which is nice but not entirely true, and doesn’t present Goa in it’s totality. Goa has a very rich cultural heritage of art and literature, and many famous musicians who have contributed majorly in the Indian music scene have come from Goa, in the past and also in the present. Apart from this Goa has contributed a lot in shaping up the domestic tourism sector. A lot of Indian tourists visit Goa throughout the year, and of course during the season time. These tourists come and visit Goa for various interests, but mainly to relax and have fun. In the recent time Goa has also become quite popular destination for Yoga, Meditation and other spiritual activities, which brings people from all over the world offering their services in Goa.

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Christmas new year yoga retreat goa india

Healers, musicians, artists, singers, yoga and meditation teachers, therapists doing various kind of massages etc.; they all flock to Goa during the season time, offering their services to people who are interested. Over a period of time Goa has become a melting pot of various kind of spiritual activities. For the past few years people also have started organising yoga festivals in Goa ,some of which are focused on bringing various styles of yoga on one platform, some of them focused on bhakti yoga etc. This is also a great event which brings like minded people on a platform, and makes them connect with each other. Apart from all these yoga activities, there has been an emergence of several yoga retreat centres in Goa in the past 10 – 15 years, and they all have contributed in establishing Goa as a major destination for learning of Yoga after Rishikesh. Some of these retreats are focused on Ashtanga Yoga, which is probably the most popular style of yoga being offered. Apart from this, Hatha Yoga and classical styles of yoga are also being presented in some of the yoga retreats. Goa is also becoming popular as a destination for yoga teacher training courses, and several yoga teachers from around the world are choosing Goa as a destination for conducting their TTC, for obvious reason. The fact that there is a wide variety of locations available is one of the major reasons.

Themed retreats is one of the specialties of SWAN Yoga Retreat Goa, which is among one of the most popular yoga retreats in Goa. People who have come and stayed here have voted it as one of the cheapest/most affordable yet best yoga retreat in Goa on Tripadvisor. This is quite humbling for me as I am involved in teaching and managing this retreat centre for some years. Like the previous years and on popular demand we have published the program for our Christmas and New Year Special Yoga Retreat 2015. This retreat will be conducted at SWAN Yoga Retreat Goa India from 19th December till 1st of January, and will be focused on bringing positive and everlasting changes in people’s perspective towards life. We will be utilising the ancient knowledge of the beautiful life sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda, ushering in a new year which will bring in positives in life for the individual who attends the program, as well as the people who are connected to them; thus triggering a ripple effect in the society in our own limited capacity. The retreats and programs being offered here in the yoga retreat centres in Goa may be small in numbers, but due to these slowly and gradually Goa is emerging as a number one destination for various yoga activities, be it yoga and meditation retreats , yoga TTC’s, yoga vacations and holidays etc. This is really a welcome change for all of us, as slowly but surely Goa’s image is being changed in people’s minds and we will keep working in this direction in our own humble way.

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Article by Gyannmitra Saraswati

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