Annapurna Devi,
Annapurna Devi
August 25, 2015
Namaste !
September 2, 2015

Need VS Desire

A yogic perspective of the most common question intriguing the mankind

So, what could be the reason for this ever suffering of we humans …?
To my little understanding, it is this inability of us to differentiate between need and desire !
Veda says, what distinguish a man from other living beings is his power to discriminate  between good (need) and bad (desire) but we have miserably been failed in comprehending or in distinguishing the needs and desires of our lives !
People may certainly have their own opinions and theory about need and desire and we may argue that needs and desires change according to place, time & situation but my little understanding suggest that anything natural (air, water, space, trees etc) is enough to cater to all our needs and anything man-made is simply a result of desire. When a need is fulfilled it brings joy, happiness and peace and when desires are achieved, it ultimately not only swells the ego but results into misery and loneliness..
need vs. desire

need vs. desire










The other great philosophy that is even greater to what is written above is the theory of “non-attachment” preached by none other than the greatest yogi of ALL time; Krishna.

i can share my little understanding on non-attachment in my next blog.
Now, having said that, i must admit that i myself have not yet testified (or rather continuously failed) by following those theories in order to  be blissful but at-least the way, the path is always there……..
Article by Shivendra
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