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June 20, 2021
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August 3, 2022

Happy Ramanavami

Today Sanatana Dharma followers celebrate one of the most auspicious occasions of their lives.
What is it today?
Today is the birth of Shri Rama, who The Bhagwan Vishnu Himself, took avatar on this gracious day as per the Hindu Panchangam/ calendar.
Why this day is called Ramanavami ?
Since Today is also the last & ninth day (navami means ninth) of Chaitra (the first month of the New Year in the Hindu calendar) Navaratri, the arrival of the most evolved human/God, Rama on planet earth is celebrated as Ramanavami.

Next question comes, What is Navaratri? Why do Hindus celebrate Navaratri?

Navaratri literally means nine nights and Hindus celebrate the nine avatars or forms of Shakti.
What is Shakti or rather who is Shakti?
To know or to understand Shakti we have to understand a bit of Tantra.
What is Tantra?
In a very very simple language, Tantra is the spiritual technology or traditional & spiritual way of life to attain liberation or to gain emancipation.
Shiva (eternal pure consciousness) & Shakti (infinite cosmic energy) are the reason for the creation, existence & maintenance of all the cosmos & universe.
Shakti is also referred to as “sarva-garbha” meaning the womb of all creations.
The aim or purpose of Tantra is the yoga (union) of Shiva & Shakti.

So, what happens when Shiva and Shakti unite?
The result as mentioned above is liberation & pure bliss. Another question may arise here, liberation from what?
Liberation from avidya (ignorance about each and everything in existence), dukha (sufferings of all types), moha (attachment), krodha (anger) & kama (desire).
When one reaches that liberated state of mind and living then one becomes Rama.

So, therefore, when there is yoga (union) of Shiva & Shakti, Rama is the result.
Rama, all knowledgeable, the beholder of Dharma, strength, love, compassion, kindness, truthfulness, faithfulness,
forgiveness, friendship & justice.

Bhagwan Shri Rama is called, “Maryada Purushottam” which means Who knows the boundaries or Dharma of each and every relation under all circumstances of existence.

There is Rama in all of us & let’s pray today (& every day) to Bhagwan Shri Rama to Bless & guide us to lighten our ignorant lives.

Let there be light & joy ⭐️❤️