Yoga Holiday One Week Program

Here at SWAN Yoga in Goa, India we follow yogic philosophy in our daily lives and live a yogic lifestyle. Our integrative, research-based yoga program offers participants an immersion into that yogic lifestyle.You are welcome to join our retreat any day of the week, at your convenience. Friday is our weekly day off from our scheduled program at SWAN therefore it is recommended to arrive on that day, if possible. Our week long yoga vacation program includes morning mediation, pranayama, asana, yogic kriya, yoga philosophy and special yoga technique classes. Our integrative, research-based yoga program offers participants an immersion in that yogic lifestyle. Our SWAN one week Yoga Holiday retreat is a physically, emotionally and spiritually rejuvenating experience. Our program combines the practice of asana, pranayama, mantra, deep relaxation, yoga philosophy and plenty of free time for self-reflection. Designed for beginners as well as more experienced yoga practitioners wishing to deepen their practice, our yoga retreat incorporates theoretical aspects of yoga into daily life.

Daily Schedule

6:00-6:45MeditationMeditationMeditationWalking MeditationMeditationMeditationDay Off
7:00-7:20Tea & FruitTea & FruitYogic KriyaTea & Fruit-Tea & FruitTea & Fruit
7:30-9:00AsanaAsanaYogic KriyaAsanaAsanaAsanaDay Off
11:30-12:30Yoga PhilosophyYoga PhilosophyYoga NidraYoga Nidra-Yoga NidraDay Off
16:00-17:30AsanaAsanaAsanaAsanaAsanaAsanaDay Off
17:45-18:00--Tulsi PujaTulsi PujaTulsi PujaTulsi PujaDay Off
19:00-20:00 Havan HavanTrataka-Trataka--
* timing subject to change
You are welcome to stay with us beyond the one week retreat, simply give us the exact dates you would like to stay. It is highly recommended to opt for the two week yoga holiday package, the additional time allows participants to experience more fully the benefits of living a yogic lifestyle.


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