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Yoga for Children: Short Guide

Yoga is not uncommon among adults, and a lot of us practice it on a regular basis. However, if one starts this practice early on as a kid, they can grow up into a well-rounded and happy individual. It is way better than heading towards yoga for relaxation or as a fix later on in life. For this reason and many other benefits, kids yoga is catching on nowadays.

What is the right age for kids yoga?

When it comes to kids yoga, you can be their first teacher. Moreover, it is also a known fact that families that work out together are more connected. You can begin teaching them from the age of eight. It is the age when the number of air sacs becomes finite, and they only grow in size. It is the perfect time to introduce them to pranayama. Also, complicated postures of yoga which need strength and balance might turn your little one off. You may consider other simple poses too like cat stretch, cobra, child pose, etc. and introduce a little fun and play to make your child respond better. When you are doing these animal poses, let your child bark, woof, or hiss as per the pose you are striking. It makes it a lot more interesting for him. At the same time ask him to concentrate on his breathing pattern and narrate how it feels.

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How Often Should Kids Yoga be practiced?

To reap the comprehensive benefits of anything, you should practice it on a regular basis. The same goes for yoga as well. When you teach your kids yoga, this is a special time for your family to strengthen the bond between you and your child. But remember, you are doing it for its benefits not just for taking selfies all the time. Chart out a day planner and designate a time to practice yoga on a regular basis. In yoga, the most important factors are ritual, routine and discipline. When you and your child practice yoga regularly, then you will be able to see the significant physiological, emotional as well as psychological benefits it has.

How much time should your child spend on kids yoga?

A lot of children tend to get easily distracted. Hence, it is important that to get them involved in the practice, make it enjoyable for them. You and your kid can practice yoga for as long as the child feels engaged. Try not to push beyond that, because later the child will start losing interest. Also, don’t push him to the point of tiring. It is best to get the opinion of your instructor during your yoga teacher training in Thailand. Your instructor will help you understand how you can incorporate the yogic practice into your child’s routine. He will also help you find a workaround if you or your child have any physical limitations like asthma or anything else, by introducing adaptation and modifying poses. Always remember that as necessary as the practice of yoga is, it is also essential that you let your child rest. As the both of you rest in a yogic pose, ask your child if he can hear the sound of your heartbeat and the rhythm of your breathing pattern and describe it.

Kids yoga can certainly help your child grow and flourish. However, there is no need to get obsessed with it and start way too early or practice way too much. When you practice it the right way, it can be an empowering gift for your child.