Tulsi Puja in our Retreat

This plant is know as Tulsi in Sanskrit, in English it is called Holy Basil. This is one of the most important plants in the entire of Indian culture, in the tradition of monks and is the single most important plant in Ayurveda. This plant, in combination with other herbs is capable of healing all diseases, from the simple cold, and headache to the big diseases like diabetes.

In the monk community it is considered as the mother plant and is considered to have a consciousness that is more evolved than that of human beings that is why it is so powerful.

This puja is a tantra practice with the five elements; first you offered fire, then air and the water. Now the last offering is the mantra so, with hands in the gesture of the prayer, the pranam mudra and eyes gently closed. Now, pray to mother tulsi for health and healing in all the levels of existence; the body and the mind, the intellect, the chitta, the storehouse of the memories, impressions and the samskaras.

Then the last the ankara, the ego, the identity the separateness or the soul. Now ask her for the armor of protection, so wherever you will go her energy will go with you and will protect you form every possible harm in this creation.

Now I’ll be chanting the mantra for her three times, you’ll be tuning in with the mantra listening the mantra very carefully, word by word, letter by letter and in the end, the mantra om, shanti, shan't we’ll chant altogether. So for now, listen the mantra very carefully and keep praying for health and healing.

Tulsi Puja Photos