Ankle Crank
Goolf Ghoornan (Ankle Crank)
April 4, 2020
Knee Crank
Janu Chakra (Knee Crank)
April 4, 2020

Janu Naman

Janu Naman (knee bending)

Stay in the base position. Bend the right knee and clasp the hands under the right thigh.
Straighten the right leg, pulling up the kneecap.
Keep the hands under the thigh but straighten the arms. Do not allow the heel or toes to touch the floor.
Bend the right leg at the knee so that the thigh comes close to the chest and the heel near the buttocks. Keep the head and spine straight.
This is one round.
Practise 10 rounds with the right leg and then 10 rounds with the left leg.

Breathing: Inhale while straightening the leg. Exhale while bending the leg.

Awareness: On the breath, mental counting, stretch in the thigh muscles and synchronised movement.

Practice note: While bending the knee the hands may also clasp the lower shin. The thigh is then pressed against the abdomen helping to release wind from this area.

Dwi Janu Naman (double knee bending)

Sitting in the base position, place both palms flat on the floor at the side and slightly in front of the buttocks.
Bend both knees together, and place the feet on the floor in front of the buttocks.
Straighten the legs and raise the feet so that they are about 8 cm above the floor in the final position.
Point the toes forward.
The hands and arms should support and maintain stability of the body. Try to keep the head and spine upright.
Remain in the position for a second.
Bend the knees and bring the legs back to the starting position, keeping the heels slightly above the floor.
Draw the toes back towards the shins.

This is one round.
Practise 5 to 10 rounds, keeping the heels off the floor throughout the practice.

Breathing: Inhale while straightening the legs. Exhale while bending the legs.

Awareness: On the breath, mental counting, movement and balance.

Contra-indications: This is a strenuous practice and should not be attempted by people with weak abdominal muscles, back conditions, high blood pressure or heart conditions.

Practice note: The hands may also be clasped under the thighs as in janu naman.
This is a good preparatory asana for brahmacharya asana.
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