Padanguli Naman and Goolf Naman
Padanguli Naman & Goolf Naman
April 4, 2020
Ankle Crank
Goolf Ghoornan (Ankle Crank)
April 4, 2020

Goolf Chakra (Ankle Rotation)

Ankle Rotation- Goolf Chakra

Goolf Chakra

Goolf Chakra (ankle rotation)
Remain in the base position.
Separate the legs a little, keeping them straight.
Keep the heels on the ground throughout the practice.

Stage I: Slowly rotate the right foot clockwise from the ankle 10 times and then repeat 10 times anti-clockwise.
Repeat the same procedure with the left foot.

Stage 2: Place the feet together.
Slowly rotate both feet together in the same direction, keeping them in contact with each other.
Do not allow the knees to move.
Practise 10 times clockwise and then 10 times anticlockwise.

Stage 3: Keep the feet separated.
Slowly rotate both feet from the ankles together but in opposite directions.
The big toes should touch each other on the inward stroke of each foot.
Do 10 rotations in one direction and then 10 rotations in the opposite direction.

Breathing: Inhale on the upward movement.
Exhale on the downward movement.

Awareness: On the breath, mental counting and rotation.
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